She is dying

By Anuj Chauhan

Image Courtsey: Pinterest

Sitting alone in the porch looking at the sky,

Nobody around except the tears in her eyes.

Want to know why she is crying and alone,

I walk up to her, she walks away with a smile.

Sitting waiting at the table I see her dine alone,

Waiting for somebody but never meets anyone along.

Takes a walk back to home with nobody around,

Enters the house with her wrecked up world inside.

Knowing from the neighbors, I knew she once smiled,

She walked down the streets with the love of her life.

Some summers ago we saw nobody by her side,

All we now know is that a beautiful soul is dying.

I drank my coffee and went on my way,

Saw her sitting at the bench smoking and crying.

She don’t have to go very far in the journey of life,

She now knows after all these years she is dying.

She waitied for somebody who never showed,

I maybe would now never know the story of those beautiful eyes.

Wish to walk up to her and giver the best advice of the life

But now she has not to go far to figure out that she is dying.


In the crowd of millions

By Anuj Chauhan

Image courtsey: Pinterest

In the crowd of millions I gaze at a face,

Everything around for me completely fades.

In the strings of millions, it seems I found mine,

Just want is to pull it closer and wrap around.

In the crowds of millions I ogle at a face,

It is the distance that puts me away.

Every step closer to her astounds me even more,

Distances between you and me have sustained enough.

In the crowds of millions, I am looking at a face,

Beauty of eminence, with the soul filled innocence.

Every inch of her presence, is crafted with perfection,

Eyes of her’s so deep, that keeps me to know her more.

In the crowds of million, I found a face,

Smile of who fades every crux and brights my day.

You are the sunshine of all my days to come,

I give my life to your love for whole age to come.

Leaves that never shed

By Anuj Chauhan

Image source: Pinterest

Waves of wind took the clusters of leaves, Mine were the ones that remained with me.

Some of them left the clench of mine, Those which not remind me of a time.

Time was of you and of me together, Always wanted to blossom and never to shatter.

Aesthetic is the beauty of moments that were spent, Rustling of these leaves remind me of them.

Autumn have come but I hold onto you, On the edges of my branches I still find you.

Breezy winds of blossom have not touched me, Shackles of the rustling love do not leave me.

Scores of night have come and gone, Dream I dream is still of yours.

Rains have struggled to cleanse your scent, Fragrance of which I still can smell.

Waves of wind took the clusters of leaves, Mine were the ones that remained with me.


By Anuj Chauhan

Suchlike the first light of the day, you are my sunshine.

Shine takes darkness away, you are my sunshine.

Every journey that shades my will, you light me up.

Never let me fade in caliginous, always be my sunshine.

Paths will be walked with you by the side of mine,

Every obstacle we would overcome, with our faith divine.

Never at once I would stumble, whenever I may agonize.

Surmount every predicament of life, I have you at my side.

May the things get harsh, but won’t let the love go.

Impasse may the things be, would always hold to you.

Amused is every day of my life, that glow you are of mine.

Cherished is every day of my life, that is spent by your side.

My life blossoms everyday with the light of yours.

Darkness vanishes away, with the love of yours

You ameliorate the wave of agony that flows within me.

You calm my emotions whenever fear overtake me.

Despair of mine evanesce with the love of yours,

Nuanced have become the life of ours that floruit,

You are the ray of every dawn of mine,

Lambent is the glow of yours, always be my sunshine.

Many I Have Seen

Many I have Seen

By Anuj Chauhan

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Many I have seen,

Never met one like you.

Many I have touched,

Never felt so good when I touched


Attraction I found in many,

Comfort I found in you.

Temptations were among many,

Affection completely resembled in you.

Many spoke what made me feel good,

You spoke what was meant to be good.

Many applauded and assured me to be only best,

You broke my ego and showed there are many rest.

Many imparted in joy of mine,

You held my hand when I wanted to cry.

Many enjoyed success of mine,

You stood by me when failure was in favour of mine.

Many stood to choose to,

In many I choose you.

All these meant for me none,

In front of you who gave me so much.

Fragments of love

Fragments of love

By Anuj Chauhan

Image courtsey- pinterest

I broke into fragments with your touch,

Never thought you adore me so much.

Your kisses taste like dew of pleasure,

Feeling incredible love that no one can measure.

Comfort of your arms takes me away from here,

Let the time stand still whenever I am there.

Comfort of your body relaxes my soul,

Gestures speak for us and that is all.

My man you made me so special all together,

No one ever admired me then you better.

I feel like drowning in the ocean of your love,

Feel every bit of you, now can not resist any much.

My lady your sight at first took my breaths away,

From moment that I can not seek anyway.

The light of eyes and comfort of your smile,

They never let me wander and hold me tight.

The broken fragments of yours get embedded in my soul,

Blend they together and make us less and more.

The dew of pleasure we share is forever more,

The love between us can not end anymore.

My lady, you will always be special to me,

Admiration of mine for you can never lesser be.

My love is for you and won’t ever get weaker,

Let your feeling go through it and feel my every bit.

Essence Of You

Essence of you
By Anuj Chauhan

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Take you in my arms,
Lift you to the heights of sky.
Our love blossom with fondness everyday,
Me and you be together always.

My everyday becomes sweeten,
I overcome every conundrum.
When I have you by my side,
You as my inseparable wise guide.

My all sorrows get banish,
My every pain gets away.
Whenever I see your innocent face smile,
Want to see you like this for lifetime.

I forget the whole world around me,
My worries for all get aside,
When i come into your arms,
Want to be there untill I die.

You make me feel like a child,
With all attention you have on,
Things get better with you prepending,
All our life how can we stop loving.

Night Of The Broken Glass

Night of the broken glass
By Anuj Chauhan

Image courtsey- pinterest

The glass that got broken,
The heart that have never spoken.
The life that has been torned apart,
Is the rhyme of the pain at last

The night seems so long,
My life is now gone.
The glass that got broken,
Leaves the pain unspoken

My eyes are closed,
My body is now cold.
The pain that was felt,
Now stands at an end.

Wanted to live so long,
Never became to anyone wrong.
But life itself took me there,
Where it got broken from everywhere.

The night of the broken glass,
Is the night of broken heart.
The life that got torned apart.
The cry of pain at last.

I still walk

By Anuj Chauhan

Image courtsey-pinterest

The distance seemed so longish,
When I set the foot for this journey.
A journey not known where will end,
I still walk on the outstreched land.

A walk which is miles long,
Bring many orations with faults along.
Our words ascertain of our glyph,
Better be wise of what we chirp.

The land which mriad by polloi,
Everyone of who have a vivid story.
We see many and be with some,
Certain stay long & certain for some.

Realising the importance of people along,
Knowing our words are strongest of all.
I try to be wise & and not to wrong,
I walk the journey which’s small or long?

I Close My Eyes

I Close My Eyes
By Anuj Chauhan

I close my eyes and try to live the life,
I close my eyes but feel so tired.
I hear voices all the way along,
Some of them Low and some so strong.

I close my eyes and think of you,
I close my eyes but can’t find you.
I hear voices of you speak to me,
Some of love and some of pain in me.

I close my eye and think of life,
I close my eyes but can’t live by.
I hear voices tell me of everything nice,
Some speak of pain, and some of love.

I close my eyes and feel so tired,
I close my eyes but can’t feel right.
I hear voices and want them to hush,
Some make life weak and put it to rush.